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The Seventh Seal

Photos by Taffy.
Designed by Rita, with apologies to Ingmar Bergman.
Page 3

Plog, Lisa, the girl, and Jöns follow
the knight up the rocky cliff to his castle.
deserted castle
The castle seems to be deserted,
with only emptiness and quiet echoes.
dont you recognize me
"Don't you recognize me anymore?"
It is Karin, the knight's wife, and she has waited many years for him to return from the Crusade.
lamb broke the seal
"'And when the Lamb broke the
seventh seal, there was silence in
heaven for the space of about an hour'"
Karin reads from the book of Revelation.
it is the end
"It is the end."
dance of death
"I see them, Mia! Over there against the stormy sky. The smith and Lisa and the knight and Raval and Jöns and Skat with his lute. And Death inviting them to dance."