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are you a playmoholic?

Take this quiz and learn the truth about yourself.
©2001 by Rita Webb

On the Block
  1. You see the fabled Playmo-Space Lab, Nr. 3536, on eBay, and you...
    1. jump for joy and bid on it.
    2. count the accessories, uneasily wondering if it's all there.
    3. stare at the photo in disbelief. Like, where are the space suits?
    4. quickly rattle off the entire list of missing pieces, commenting that children were not on board the original space ship, even though they are being offered in this lot.

  2. Does the shocking display of irreverance shown for PLAYMOBIL® items at online auction sites make your skin crawl?
    1. Yes.
    2. Not really.

  3. Do you wonder if the original owners are aware that their mothers are selling these toys?
    1. Yes.
    2. So?

  4. Are you afraid to buy used PLAYMOBIL® products from an online auction because the set might not have all the pieces or some parts may be broken?
    1. Yes.
    2. No.

  5. Are you afraid to buy used PLAYMOBIL® products from an online auction because the true owners may not be aware of the sale?
    1. Yes.
    2. I'll buy anything if the price is right.

  6. At college, while browsing an online auction, you see a photo of a huge tub of random PLAYMOBIL® items. You...
    1. name the sets from which every piece came, some of the best sets ever made.
    2. bid on the lot because you could use some extra parts.
    3. learn, too late, that your mother is the seller, and you just bought your own PLAYMOBIL® collection.
A Higher Order
  1. Do you view the PLAYMOBIL® system as a teleological guide to the meaning of life?
    1. Yes.
    2. Not really.
    3. Huh?
    Friend in Need and Karen
    Karen, from the Deluxe Hospital Set, poses for reference next to a "Friends In Need" knockoff.

  2. Do you remember "Friends in Need" from Hong Kong?
    1. Yes, it was early 1977, and they were shoddy knock-offs of PLAYMOBIL® figures.
    2. I don't remember them.

  3. Did you buy one?
    1. Yes.
    2. No.
    3. I don't remember them.

  4. Does it make you sick, but you've still kept it all these years in the blister pak, as a reminder of evil in the world?
    1. Yes.
    2. No.
    3. I don't remember them.

  5. Did you write to Schaper about it because you didn't know who else to contact regarding this sacrilege?
    1. Yes.
    2. No.
    3. I don't remember them.

  6. Do you think Hans Beck should be...
    1. given a place in the art history of the Twentieth Century?
    2. knighted?
    3. canonized?
    4. translated into Heaven without tasting death?

Your Opinions
  1. Your opinion of the women with long skirts:
    1. I like them because they are realistic.
    2. No opinion.
    3. Why did they get rid of the original females with the Sassoon haircuts? Those newfangled women can't ride horses.

  2. What is your favorite PLAYMOBIL® set of all time?

  3. Which set do you most regret not buying?
    1. The piano with the bust of PLAYMOBIL® Beethoven, Nr. 5551.
    2. The Romani Circus with acrobats, Nr. 3720.
    3. The Golden Nugget Saloon with the--uh--purple woman, Nr. 3787.
    4. The gorilla with movable hands and feet, Nr.3039.
    5. Mister Magic and the Disappearing Woman, Nr. 3725.
    6. Everything that was made before I discovered PLAYMOBIL® last year.
    7. Other:

  4. Your opinion of System X:
    1. How did we ever live without it? I buy every new set the minute I see it.
    2. I can take it or leave it.
    3. It's for boys, not for girls.
    4. It's for boys and girls
    5. All those fault lines are annoying.
    6. Too complicated for a 5-year-old to build.
    7. Forget it.

  5. Your opinion of the new-style klickys, with factory-installed clothes:
    1. Great idea! Now I have more time to play.
    2. No opinion.
    3. I hate not being able to customize the klickys and change their clothes around, like I used to.

You can never be too young, too thin, too rich, or own too many PLAYMOBIL® sets.

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