CityScape Assembled


Wood, lacquer, acrylic, glue, Velcro,® Plexiglas,® 1996
39" x 39" x 6"
Private collection, Dallas

Each module is a slice of city life. At the very center is a park, surrounded by high-rise office buildings, an arts district, and some apartments. Beyond the seven center modules, we find an amusement park, a shopping mall, and some houses. On the outer rim are larger houses and parks at the top, while industry and a military base occupy the lower left corner, and a rural area comprises the lower right.

This delicate construction needed a shielded, dust-free environment. The owner commissioned a box having a 45" x 45" x 6" interior, with a sliding Plexiglas® lid to facilitate repairs, should they be necessary. The finished box is considerably smaller than the size needed. In this cramped space, it is impossible to maintain the spirit of the Alcatel display, but Sparky has done the best he could.

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