The Art of James Webb

Watch of the Archangel unframed Watch of the Archangel framed
Watch of the Archangel
before framing

Pine, basswood, particle board, enamel
Watch: 11" x 27" x 2"
Framed: 15" x 30"
Private collection

A watch face showing the months of the year instead of numbers. December, the twelfth month, is in the twelve o'clock position. The stations on the clock are made of basswood circles and spheres, glued in identical formation to represent a small park with a pond.

James Webb was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. The seasons are depicted as he knows them. Notice September and March. Neither autumn leaves nor spring thaw are represented. In Dallas, all the leaves turn brown on Thanksgiving Day and fall off the trees that weekend. So much for autumn. January is ice. February is dreary and slushy. Then, in March, everything turns green again.

Detail of Watch

Framed at Marsha's Art and Frame, Garland, Texas.
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Watch of the Archangel © 2003, by James Webb. All rights reserved.