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The Seventh Seal

Photos by Taffy.
Designed by Rita, with apologies to Ingmar Bergman.
Page 1

Do you play chess
"Do you play chess?"
The Knight challenges Death to a game of chess, while Jöns basks in the sun on the rocky coast.
Must you sing
"Must you sing?" The Knight and Jöns make their way up the coast. Jöns' singing is annoying the Knight whose mind is on the chess match with Death.
Practice for the show
"I want Mikael to have a better life than ours."
Mia and Baby Mikael watch Jof practice for the show.
my wife has run off with an actor
"My wife has run off with an actor."
Plog, the blacksmith, is looking for his wife,
Lisa, who has run away with Skat.
youre an actor
"You're an actor.   It's probably your partner who has run off with the smith's wife," Raval says to Jof.
Plog attacks Jof

Plog attacks Jof.
Jons cuts Raval
"I'm a man who keeps his word."
Jöns cuts Raval's face.  Jof quickly escapes while everyone is watching Jöns and Raval.

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