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The Seventh Seal

Photos by Taffy.
Designed by Rita, with apologies to Ingmar Bergman.
Page 2

tyan in chains
"Is it true that you have been in league with the Devil?"
Against the soldiers' orders,
the knight speaks to the accused witch.
here drink this
"Take this and it will stop the pain."
Is this, perhaps, the "one meaningful deed" which the knight hoped to perform in his lifetime
up the coast
The knight and his friends
make their way through the forest
in the night. They are traveling
by way of the coast, in order to
avoid the plague-ridden towns.
what about tomorrow night
Skat: "But what about my performance
tomorrow night?"

its cancelledDeath: "It's cancelled."


give me water
"Please give me some water! I have the plague!" Raval begs for water, but the others know that if they go near him, they too will be infected.
Raval dies
"It's all meaningless," Jöns remarks as they watch Raval die.
the knights castle
The castle is silhouetted like a black boulder
against the heavy dawn.