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What a party!
What a party!
Photo by Taffy,  March 2003

Absolute Zero Blue Yodel

by Rita Webb
© 2001, all rights reserved.

Something 'bout you baby, chills me to my soul
Something 'bout you baby, freezes my poor soul
You're an absolute zero, runnin out of control

My video chips seem to be doin OK,
Com port too, workin both night and day
I can see what you're doin, hear what you have to say

I'm a fiber optic chick in a Cat 5 universe
A fiber optic soul in a Cat 5 universe
You're out all night; is it 10baseT, BNC, or worse?

You're using Assembly language, baby, I use C++
You're talkin in Assembly; I use C++
A lack of communication leads to a lack of trust

You're a binary man in a hexadecimal world
A binary man in a hexadecimal world
You might as well go find you another girl

You're a Classic Mac, honey, takin up PC space
A Classic Mac in a PC kind of a place
Them NuBus cards are useless in a PC case

Thirty-pin RAM, a classic, but it goes too slow
Your RAM is classic, but it goes too slow
I need faster memory to run my new Windows

Your subnet masking ain't for my address
Your subnet mask is wrong for my address
You might as well leave, our life is a mess

You're temperamental, baby, just like a Trident card
Temperamental baby, just like an old video card
You're always fussing, make my life so hard

You say you want out, wanna find a new motherboard
You say you want out, you need a new mainboard
But a Cyrix chip, honey, is all you can afford

Computers' Rights

Absolute Zero Blue Yodel © 2001, by Rita Webb. All rights reserved.

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