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Taffy Was a Mac'er Taffy Was a Gamer Taffy Owned a Store Taffy's Hardware Taffy's WiFi Taffy Had a Linux Box Taffy on the LAN Holiday Taffy Taffy Was a Programmer Taffy Ran a Cluster Taffy Had an iPod Taffy Had a Laptop Taffy Had a Printer Multi-Vendor Platforms! Taffy Had a Virus Taffy's Apps Taffy's Online Auctions About Taffy

Taffy Was a Hacker

Misadventures with various computer products.

The rhymes on this website are not necessarily a bad reflection on these computer products. They merely chronicle the unique interactions that we've witnessed when a real-life "Taffy" gets his hands into a computer. Other people have, no doubt, had quite positive experiences with the same parts and programs. No matter what opinion you hold of the individual components, Taffy's misadventures are fun reading.
Dean Webb

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