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Distributed Virtual Machines

Taffy was a hacker, Taffy made a mess
On my cluster server by removing NFS.
I went to Taffy's with an upgrade that should suit,
To change a DLL or two, so Win XP won't boot
Taffy was a hacker. My DVM, you see,
Taffy routed all its nodes through AOL's IP
I went to Taffy's house and gave him cause to fret
His PayPal password now is published on the internet.
Taffy was a hacker, a postal worker, clocked.
Taffy dropped my Beowulf from a ten-foot loading dock (accelerated by a conveyer belt).
I went to Taffy's boss with twisted scrap and tears;
Now Taffy's pay is garnisheed for 20-some-odd years.
Demolished server
Fresh out of the box

Sheared rivets
Sheared rivets and screws

Bent steel top
Bent steel top

This work © 2003, by The Webb Family, edited by dotti webb. All rights reserved.
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