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Taffy was a hacker, Taffy he did gloat
Taffy wrote a virus that made my files bloat
I went to Taffy's house (Our friends did all admire us.)
I turned his computer on and installed a boot virus
Taffy was a hacker with Monkey Virus K
He DoubleSpaced my CMOS, and made Last Drive=A.
I went to Taffy's house, upset by all his crimes
All night I ran, on his PC, the virus called Good Times.
Taffy was a hacker, Taffy went too far
Taffy came to my house and typed DEL *.*
I went to Taffy's house; 'twas long before he'd see
That I replaced Win 95 with Monkey Virus B
dmw, spx
Taffy was a hacker, Taffy was a thug
Taffy ruined all my files by entering DEBUG
I went to Taffy's with a virus they call "Nero."
Taffy's hard disk space is now fast approaching zero.
This work © 2003, by The Webb Family, edited by dotti webb. All rights reserved.
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