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Taffy Was a Mac'er Taffy Was a Gamer Taffy Owned a Store Taffy's Hardware Taffy's WiFi Taffy Had a Linux Box Taffy on the LAN Holiday Taffy Taffy Was a Programmer Taffy Ran a Cluster Taffy Had an iPod Taffy Had a Laptop Taffy Had a Printer Multi-Vendor Platforms! Taffy Had a Virus Taffy's Apps Taffy's Online Auctions About Taffy


Taffy was a hacker, my iTunes Taffy stole
And put them on his iPod so he could rock 'n' roll.
I went to Taffy's house while Taffy ate some cod
I emptied his Smart Playlist, to synch with his iPod.
Taffy was a hacker whose systems didn't work.
So Taffy came to my house with iTunes and a smirk.
I went to Taffy's house while he was still at mine
His forty-three Nintendo games will pay me back just fine.
Taffy was a hacker who drained the battery
Of my iPod Mini, then left for Calgary.
I went to Taffy's house. His iPod I restored
To only work with Macintosh, which he can ill afford.

This work © 2003, by The Webb Family, edited by dotti webb. All rights reserved.
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