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Barbara Woolf


Barbara Woolf
about 1987

Ranger Rita says:

Barbara Woolf was my friend.  I went to see her in the hospital on Oct 1, 2003, but she was in a coma.   I wrote this poem while I was in the hospital room.  She died on Oct 3, just ten days shy of her 59th birthday.

Raven-Haired Angel
by Rita Webb

One foot on the earth, one light-years away
You can't speak to tell what you're seeing today.
Raven-haired angel, your journey begun
To fly through the cosmos, far past the sun.

Someday I'll wing to a long distant shore
We'll see each other, and we'll talk once more
For now, just sleep away all of your pain
Raven-haired angel, through this final rain.

Raven-haired angel, you've fought a good fight
Escape from Earth's darkness, and into the light
All of your sorrow, your tears to gold spun
Sleep, black-haired angel, your day's work is done

Photo © 1987, by Ed Woolf.
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