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1962: the last good year

There has been a serious debate in cultural circles about the Last Good Year. While everyone agrees that it is sometime in the 1960s, no one has been able to agree on the exact year. Here is a formula to determine, once and for all, the True Last Good Year.


a = 110,749 The Edsel Factor [total manufactured units]
b = 157 Color combinations available on 1955 Chevrolets
c = 4400 Weight of a 1957 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser with automatic transmission
d = 70 Speed limit in Nevada
e = 3 Average number of "B" movies at the Cactus Drive-in on Friday night
f = 409 Beach Boys Number
m = 2 Mamie Van Doren Constant
n = 31 Baskin-Robbins' Number
x = 45 Bandstand Constant
y = 33 Angle of curvature of a 1959 Cadillac tailfin
z = 1.30 Price of a case of A-1 Pilsner Beer in 1961

math equation for last good year

Proof A:  Bobby Goldsboro's first hit record, Dec 1962
Proof B:  Zip codes introduced by U.S. Post Office, Dec 1962

Conquest's Corollary:
Beatles' first album released, 1963.
Ford Thunderbird Sports Roadster discontinued, 1963.

Special thanks to . . .
Monty Webb for the calculations.
Mark Hommel for suggestions and criticism.
John Conquest for the corollary.
Cruisin Central © 2003, by Charlotte Webb.

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