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Bucket Bags

Bucket bags were a huge fad from Fall 1957 through Spring 1959. Most girls had at least one, black being the most popular color. The bags had an oval base with a major axis of about nine inches and a minor axis of around five inches. The sides were about nine inches high.

Bucket bags were made of leather, lined with rayon or cotton, and the sides and bottom were supported by sturdy cardboard. There was no clasp. The purse was closed by folding the two sides over one another on the top. The only hardware consisted of two brass rings attaching the handle to the purse. Through one of these rings, a girl would sometimes tie a 12" square silk scarf that matched the day's outfit.

bucket bags

Home Ec. Class at Rincon High School, Tucson, 1958. There are four bucket bags on the table in the foreground.

Two bucket bags

Detail of two bucket bags on the left, Rincon High School

Two more bucket bags

Detail of two bucket bags on the right, Rincon High School.

Bucket bag

In the library, Camelback High School, Phoenix, 1958.

Bucket bag detail

Detail of bucket bag, Camelback High School.


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