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Anything More

Rita Webb, 2001

Running down a dark lonesome highway forever,
Head into the night wind, life's comforts you forswore.
One-way-ticket Greyhound, ride across Texas:
It's home; you've never asked for anything more.

Long hot Texas highway, detour in Austin,
Turn off at MoPac for eternity's shore.
Stop awhile in Dallas, sellout to the devil,
Tall plate glass buildings, hardly anything more.

The chase is the prize, something left to conquer.
Search all over Texas, you open every door.
Keep on a-movin, Arizona sunset,
California freeway, is there anything more?

Narcoleptic driver, Colorado blacktop,
Going much too fast in a freezing downpour.
He skids down the mountain; you pray for absolution.
Did you think to ask for anything more?

Come back to me on some cold dark winter night.
Drop your bedroll down on my living room floor.
Crash for awhile, leave when you feel the need to.
I don't ever ask you for anything more.

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