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High School Prom

by Rita Webb
© 2001
On the edge of a dream, you danced on a cloud,*
The song of the moment playing so loud.
"On the edge of a nightmare" was closer to truth,
In such a great hurry to throw away youth.

"Enchanted Hawaii," the theme for the fête,
An evening you swore that you'd never forget.
The truth you found later : on sand it was writ,
Washed from your mem'ry when the first high tide hit.

Live fast and love hard, you're racing through life;
Steal from the future on the edge of a knife.
First candle to die is the one that's most bright.
Fast-burning child, you went out all night.

Virginal dreams gave way to the glitz;
Now every dance is held at the Ritz,
And it takes ever more to satisfy you.
Throwaway child, your life is shot through.

* High school proms usually have vaguely romantic themes, such as Dancing on a Cloud,  On the Edge of a Dream,  Enchanted Hawaii, etc.
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