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You Live on the Edge

by Rita Webb
You live on the edge in your shiny new car;
Top down, no rollbar, how daring you are!
I live on the street in my old Chevrolet,
Don't know if I'll be eating today.

Your life full of beauty, graceful like smoke,
My life of artwork, to you, is a joke.
Your life is white satin, my days are rough cloth;
You hold the candle, I am the moth.

You live on the edge with your vacations bold,
Climbing tall mountains, braving the cold.
I live in East Dallas and play dice with fate,
Finish my work before it's too late.

You live in a dream, your future is bright;
All that's before me is blacker than night.
I live in a nightmare, hide from the law;
You rule your daydreams, nail and claw.

You live on the edge, unholy desire;
I hang by a thread, my dreams are on fire.
Our lives were the same in our tender youth;
You took the easy road, I sought for truth.

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