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Long-Distance Rider

by Rita Webb
© 2002
Long-distance rider, hurtling down the blacktop,
Never ending journey, you're always on the run;
A Circle-K in Tucson, a liquor store in Denver,
Racing to the limits where life comes undone.

Laughing queen of diamonds, dressed up for a party,
Never knew what hit her, not knowing that she'd cause
A shoot-out with the Rangers, frantic flight through Texas,
Heading for Campeche, there was no time to pause.

You made it to my beach house, I hid you in the attic.
No one was the wiser, up there, lying low.
Midnight cab to Brownsville, I stayed out on Padre;
A Matamoros drug deal, money to go.

Then one night in Dallas, I saw you at the Blue Note,
Elm Street and the freeway, singing for your bread.
I smiled slightly, put two Franklins in your tip jar,
And I stopped to listen, but you turned your head.

Long-distance rider, hitch a ride with strangers,
Wake up in Phoenix and find you're Tucson-bound.
Jump ship in Coolidge, head into the desert,
Seven long months later, your bones will be found.

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